Media Relations Campaign Launch



In 2015, the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) and the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) partnered to develop and launch a new website intended to educate animal owners about the triad of care that exists between board-certified veterinary specialists, animal owners, and primary care veterinarians.  The site,, would be the first of its kind, providing an extensive array of resources for animal owners to search for board-certified veterinary specialists and to explore information about specialty care. Fetching Communications was engaged to announce the launch of the new site to animal owners across the country and to the veterinary community. After developing a press release comprised of the website’s features and the reasons for developing the site, as provided via quotes from ACVIM and ACVS Diplomates, Fetching sought to widely spread the word and gain editorial coverage.  To leverage the unique angles and anecdotes relative to the triad of care, Fetching developed highly customized pitches for pet parent blogs, veterinary trades, large animal magazines, and regional media. 


With a goal to raise awareness of veterinary specialists and to describe the triad of care (the relationship between owner, primary care veterinarian, and veterinary specialist), Fetching’s tailored pitches explained the site’s benefits for pet parents, large animal owners, and the veterinary community. Fetching offered regional media outlets access to local board-certified veterinary specialists who could educate general consumers about speciality veterinary medicine and the triad of care. To reach the online audience and support search engine efforts, Fetching distributed the press release via PR Newswire. To date, the website launch campaign resulted in more than 168 million impressions including placements in veterinary trades, pet parent blogs, large animal websites, and regional outlets, with more placements pending.