Blogger Outreach Campaign



The Torus Pet Water Bowl — from New Zealand-based business Heyrex — needed a campaign to gain exposure in North America.  Fetching’s strategy was to earn product reviews by pet bloggers, and also pitch the product to boating and RV publications, as the bowl’s unique design makes it ideal for traveling with pets. With a limited supply of samples available, Fetching personally communicated with a priority list of media, pitching each blogger about the benefits of the Torus Pet Water Bowl, and arranging for product samples to be delivered in exchange for an honest review of the product.


The resulting blog posts and articles have been some of the most positive product reviews a Fetching client has ever received! Glowing Torus write-ups were featured on Dogster, Confessions of a Rescue Mom, At the Fence, Dakota’s Den, Fur Everywhere, and Live! Wag! Bark!, as well as in MotorHome and Trailer Life magazines. The client was delighted that the majority of reviews referenced how great the bowl was for travel. Placements began appearing in the weeks following the media outreach, and many more reviews are still set to run, guaranteeing interest in the Torus Pet Water Bowl for months to come.