Media Relations Campaign

John Paul Pet


John Paul Pet, a leading grooming and hygiene product line dedicated to the proper care of all pets, contacted Fetching in late August with news about an award The Humane Society of the United States was giving to the company in early September, as well as its plans for John Paul Pet’s “Give Beautifully” holiday campaign and gift set. John Paul Pet  sought to obtain pet trade coverage with regard to both announcements. Within the span of a few weeks, Fetching worked closely with the Vice President of Sales and Marketing to develop two press releases highlighting the award and the holiday campaign. The releases were then sent out separately to pet trade publications.


Rather quickly, leading pet trades including Pet Age and Pet Product News ran stories about both the holiday campaign and the Humane Corporate Award. Several additional pet trades requested photos of the awards gala to run in later issues, while others provided feedback about the holiday campaign and gift set — that they loved it and planned to hold it for upcoming holiday issues and/or gift guides. The outreach resulted in 27,000 impressions in a span of roughly three weeks, with more placements pending to run during the holiday season.

“Thank you to the staff of Fetching Communications, Liz Lindley and Shannon Stevens  for the awesome job they did getting the word out, and in print, on John Paul Pet’s Fall 2015 campaigns!”
Gina Dial

VP of Sales Marketing, John Paul Pet