Media Relations Campaign

Emergency Animal Clinic-Arizona


Emergency Animal Clinic (EAC) in Arizona is a group of hospitals serving several Arizona communities. Fetching Communications first delivered a strategic public relations plan to EAC, which including regional media outreach to raise the hospitals’ visibility.  A key element of public relations is to identify trends that are seen within the veterinary practice, and when a particular trend was shared with Fetching, the objective was to earn media coverage and recognition of EAC’s expertise and locations.


The trend identified in the practice – that patients were being seen at EAC because of exposure to marijuana – became Fetching’s pitch to local and regional media.  EAC earned coverage, including quotes from one of the clinic’s veterinarians, in local newspapers, blogs and broadcast outlets.  The news story went on to earn coverage around the entire country, from Las Vegas to Vermont, even including the Huffington Post.