Media Relations Campaign

Emergency Animal Clinic-Arizona


The American Humane Association says one in three pets will become lost at some point in their lives, which is what happened to two dogs that wound up at Emergency Animal Clinic’s (EAC) Phoenix and Gilbert locations in April. Both dogs were hit by cars, but were treated and thankfully able to reunite with their families because of their updated microchips. In honor of National Pet ID Week (April 19-25, 2015), EAC – which has five veterinary hospitals located throughout the Phoenix metro area – wanted to remind pet owners about the importance of microchipping their pets by sharing these dogs’ stories as well as some tips and steps to follow should their pet become lost or stolen. Fetching reached out to local Phoenix media outlets, offering them the opportunity to interview EAC’s director of medical management about this important topic.


The media outreach campaign resulted in coverage by two local Phoenix TV stations, which both visited EAC to interview Billy Griswold, EAC’s director of medical management. In addition to the on-air coverage, both TV stations posted their videos and stories online, which were then picked up by 35 additional TV station websites throughout the country, reaching a total audience of nearly 10 million.

Emergency Animal Clinic partnered with Fetching Communications in March 2014.  From the beginning, their team of experienced marketing and PR professionals felt like an extension of our internal marketing department, rather than a third party company.  We hired Fetching Communications to do the research, writing and posting of veterinary related topics in behalf of our company.  Our biweekly conference calls allow us to discuss and select topics that are meaningful to pet-lovers in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.  It is always a nice surprise when the Fetching Communications team is able to reach a large audience with one of our press releases or Facebook posts.   We trust Fetching Communications to make decisions that will positively impact our reputation and brand.  We are so glad that we work with the best veterinary marketing and PR company!





Nicole Martin

Marketing Manager , Emergency Animal Clinic