Media Relations Campaign

Charleston Veterinary Referral Center


When South Carolina was hit with colossal storms and flooding, the practice’s Outreach Coordinator informed the Fetching PR team about a one-year-old dog named Brees, who was treated at Charleston Veterinary Referral Center (CVRC). While playing outside in the remnants of the storm with her 14-year-old owner, Brees was unexpectedly and terrifyingly sucked into a whirlpool that forced Brees to enter a drainage ditch, make a 90-degree turn to the main drain, and travel 200-250 feet in an engorged pipe. The family and neighbors frantically searched for her and found her deposited in a field, where she likely traveled another 300 feet! Unbelievably, Brees survived, but was experiencing labored breathing and had suffered abrasions to her face, head, and hind limb. Brees was rushed to the ER at CVRC, where she was treated successfully by Dr. Caroline Conrad.



Fetching interviewed Brees’ family and obtained photos of her ordeal. A pitch was developed and sent to local media outlets with the photos and tips from Dr. Conrad on how to keep pets safe in extreme weather conditions, as South Carolina was bracing for more flooding. Broadcast outlets including the ABC and CBS affiliates in Charleston ran the story, and a number of syndicated stations picked up the story as well. Once the local story started to gain some traction, Fetching pitched the story to, a national outlet, which also wrote an article about Brees, mentioning CVRC and linking to the hospital’s website and Dr. Conrad’s tips. The campaign resulted in more than 15 placements and close to 28,000,000 impressions.