Media Relations Campaign

Bark Busters Home Dog Training


When Rami, a stray dog at the Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society (MCCHS),  became a bit of a local celebrity due to his peculiar Pit Bull-Dacschund look, he earned a lot of social media attention.  Worried that he might be exploited if placed in the wrong home, MCCHS decided to train Rami to be an Ambassador for Shelter Dogs everywhere and a Certified Therapy Dog, due to his people-loving nature.  They called in local Bark Busters’ Trainer Leigh Ann Falconer to help Rami obtain his certification. Fetching promoted Bark Busters Home Dog Training and this unique training situation to local Georgia media outlets, offering broadcast contacts an opportunity to watch the training in action.


The media relations campaign resulted in broadcast coverage not only in Georgia, but also in Florida, as well as a local newspaper article, sharing the news about Rami’s training and Bark Busters’ trainer, totaling almost 650,000 impressions over a period of just under two weeks.