Media Relations Campaign



The American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO) engaged Fetching Communications again for its annual National Service Animal Eye Exam, to drive up the number of registered service animal owners across the country and to raise awareness throughout the veterinary community.  ACVO has worked with Fetching each year to generate publicity and visibility for the annual free Exam. This year, ACVO partnered with sponsor StokesRx and created a goal to exceed the number of registrations from the previous year. Fetching embarked on a public relations campaign to earn national, regional, trade and consumer publicity, inviting media to attend exams at the offices of veterinary ophthalmologists, and requesting editorial coverage to promote registration online for pet owners.


The national, regional and trade media outreach campaign for ACVO/StokesRx resulted in placements that reached an audience of nearly 300 million.  Placements were earned in Parade magazine, Veterinary Practice News,, Tails Magazine, the Miami Herald, Fido Friendly, Dog Fancy, Tulsa Pets Magazine, JAVMA and more, all promoting the free service animal eye exam in May, 2014.