Earned, Owned and Paid Media: What’s the difference?

What is “earned media” and how does it differ from paid or owned media?

Earned media is a term that may be new to many veterinary practices and pet product companies, and sometimes it’s heard right along with Paid Media and Owned Media.  All three types of media can be tactics of a powerful communications campaign, but not all need to be used at the same time.

Here are the definitions:

Earned Media: quotes and features in media outlets including those in print, tv, radio, blogs, online, resulting from an interview or product review or rating that developed as the result of a proactive pitch and/or press release. Also called editorial coverage.

Owned Media: Company website and blog, company Facebook page and other social media pages, branded journals or e-newsletters, brochures, in store retail displays.

Paid Media:  Traditional and digital advertising. Paid search, social media advertisements or boosts, banner ads, sponsorships, direct mail, display, retail/channel, and ads on tv, print, or radio.

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Free Tip Sheet for Writing Tradeshow Press Releases

Have you written a press release yet about your pet tradeshow presence?

It’s a hectic time for pet and veterinary businesses around the globe right now, preparing unique exhibit booths for upcoming tradeshows. There are show events to plan, designs to approve, collateral to print, flights to reserve…you name it, and it’s on a long to-do list! 

Where is PR on your to-do list? Have you written a press release to announce where you’ll be in the exhibit hall, and what you’ll show at your booth? No? We get it — and we can help!  Click below for a free tip sheet you can use today to write that release! 

One of Fetching Communications’ public relations specialties is helping pet and veterinary businesses prepare for tradeshows. From a philosophical standpoint, we really love helping businesses that help pets and their people, so we want to help your business succeed and be recognized by the pet and veterinary media. So, set aside an hour or two, and let’s do this!

Follow the eight tips for writing your tradeshow press release, and then submit it for distribution via PetPR.com’s unique news service for the pet industry. Use the promo code HOLIDAY25 to automatically receive 25% off any PetPR.com distribution services you select, with the exception of PR Newswire’s distribution option.


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6 PR Tactics to Use Between Tradeshows

Perhaps your company is one of the pet and veterinary businesses that successfully exhibited at this summer’s tradeshows. Your teams have now returned to their offices with new leads and sales, helpful customer feedback, booth photos, and maybe even a few awards. The next trade show is months away, but to maintain the momentum you just built, here are six PR tools to use between tradeshows.

  1. Distribute a Press Release

There are a lot of news triggers that happen after a tradeshow ends. See if any of these ideas might work for your business:

  • Award won at the tradeshow
  • Availability of new product line demonstrated at tradeshow
  • Top industry trends identified by company executive who spoke at the tradeshow


  1. Post photos on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

If your team took pictures at the show, post them with captions on your social media platforms. These might include:

  • Your team at the booth, demonstrating your new product line
  • Your company receiving a tradeshow award or recognition
  • Team members engaging with other tradeshow attendees


  1. Audit your website

Web traffic often spikes after a tradeshow, so make sure your site is current and up-to-date.

  • If your company launched new products at the tradeshow, does your website accurately reflect everything that is new?
  • If not, now is a perfect time to audit your website and update the content on product pages.
  • Add a Newsroom tab to your website’s navigation, and populate it with your new press release along with an email and phone number for media outlets to use for product samples or interview requests.


  1. Develop a new Press Kit

If your company’s Press Kit is out of date, update it with these documents:

  • New press release, with a post-show topic
  • New product information sheet, with current links and images
  • New FAQ, based on customer feedback at the show


  1. Comment on a trend

Follow the industry’s trade publications and think about ways you can add to the post-show conversation.

  • Do you have an opinion about an industry trend that could be newsworthy to a trade publication editor?
  • Speak to your PR team and determine if your comments are newsworthy enough to support a pitch to be included in post-show stories.


  1. Plan PR and marketing for the next tradeshow

You may have just broken down the booth and packed the boxes, but more tradeshows are ahead. Start preparing now by:

  • Getting organized with deadlines for exhibit reservations and submissions due to conference organizers.
  • Do a “lessons learned” on the prior tradeshow. Which tactics were most successful? Did you take advantage of all of the marketing tools available, including social media posts, direct mail invitations prior to the show, publicity while at the show?

One of Fetching Communications’ specialties is helping pet and veterinary businesses prepare for tradeshows. But our philosophy about public relations is that every tactic can support another tactic, meaning that we maximize the value of every opportunity to promote your business. A post-show press release can promote messaging that can also be added to your website, or as posts on social media, or as a pitch to earn editorial coverage.

We would love to help you navigate the PR possibilities in between tradeshows, and invite you to have a complimentary consultation and marketing needs analysis. Just reach out to Liz Lindley, CEO of Fetching Communications & PetPR.com, at liz.lindley@fetchingcommunications.com or 877-703-3824 x105.  Or please complete the Marketing Needs Analysis online, here.


6 Must Do’s to Publicize your Tradeshow Booth

If you are exhibiting at a tradeshow, here are 6 must-do’s related to getting a press release written and distributed. Why do this?

To draw attention to your booth; to tell journalists why you’re there; and to leverage this newsworthy opportunity to connect with your target audiences.  This won’t take long — use the template at this link — and take advantage of this important public relations tool. [And if you need help, email me at liz.lindley@fetchingcommunications.com or call me directly at 877 703 3824 x 105]

Here we go!

1.  Download the template and follow the 8 steps for writing your press release to promote your booth.

2. Consider your target audience – journalists will read your release, and will need to know how to contact you. Make sure your Media Contact is a company representative who will be available to take calls and respond to emails during the tradeshow.

3. List the dates and times for special events, demonstrations, or contests at your booth. As journalists plan their own itineraries, they can slot in the information you provide.

4. Include your Twitter handle and the hashtag for the tradeshow. This is important for real-time connections during the show.

5. Use PetPR.com to distribute the release. Easy and fast and affordable: start here, and upload your release and logo. I recommend that you consider the pet bloggers list and the pet/veterinary trades list. Then finish your order with promo code Facebook20. Save 20%. Pay via PayPal, and you’re done! PetPR.com will notify you immediately upon receipt of the release. In addition to distributing the release to your media list selections, the release will be placed on PetPR.com’s Newsroom and Facebook page for even more exposure to pet influencers and media.

6. Print copies to share at the booth. Post the release on your website and share on your social media pages.

Have a great show, and call me with any last-minute questions!

– Liz Lindley

CEO, Fetching Communications & PetPR.com