This week in digital brings content marketing strategies, Snapchat feature updates, adult media consumption, more feature updates, and dedicated, but sad, Nationals fans.

A quick analysis of Coca-Cola, Geico and Under Armour content marketing strategies reveals success tactics:

  • Under Armour creates a ton of utility. It maintains a robust health blog, leverages many owned smartphone applications on which they can push content out to and has invested heavily in capturing Google search intent that’s inspired by content.
  • Coca-Cola employs the hub and spokes model of online marketing where article content is created on the website, published on social media, and then drives back to the website for further consumption. They harvest data gained from website visits and cycle it back into the content marketing program.
  • Geico – known for entertaining in broadcast, the billion-dollar advertiser invests heavily in content that educates and informs users on insurance

According to eMarketer, adults will spend nearly half of their media day consuming digital content. eMarketer estimates that adults will spend an average of 12 hours, 1 minute per day with major media in 2017. Nearly half of that is with digital content. The majority of time spent within digital is on mobile devices.

Snapchat releases Context Cards  into location based search queries on the platform. The feature enables people to access info about a venue tagged in a photo or video posted to the app.

  • Here’s a case for local businesses: a restaurant chain running a Sponsored Geofilter around its locations could have those filters carry a Context Card. Then when a person adds the Sponsored Geofilter to their Snap, people viewing the Snap would be exposed to the brand and be able to swipe up for more information.

Feature updates:

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