How Owners, CEOs, Marketing Managers, PR Directors, and Sales Teams use Strategy to Succeed at Trade Shows

We are getting many inquiries about the trade shows – the Aquatic Experience, NY VET, VMX 2018, WVC, GPE 2018, SuperZoo. For those of you working on booth events, product demonstrations, presentations and meetings, we’d like to ask you to take a moment and read this blog, because we want to talk to you about strategy. The word strategy is loaded, right? It implies days of planning, long meetings in windowless conference rooms, a Plan that goes through a dozen rounds of edits, and ultimately you feel you’ve put in a whole lot of time for … well, for what?

At FWV Fetching, we have heard about strategy sessions that still haunt people, but our approach to how to know your strategy and how to make it work for you, is different. It’s direct, efficient, and most of all…useful.

Read on and see if this approach to strategy matches your particular needs. Because manning a booth at a trade show is not the same thing as strategically doing a trade show. And with the investment you’re making in a booth, along with the competition you’ll see in the exhibit hall, it pays to have a strategy.

Expert Guidance: Consider the benefit of having an objective industry expert listen to your business goals, and appreciate your bottom line. Throughout the year we help businesses launch products and services at the pet and veterinary tradeshows. We have the ability to hear you and translate your needs into an actionable and strategic trade show plan so that you will reach your target audiences with today’s marketing tools and technologies.

Stand out from the Crowd:  The words you use to position your business, product or service can be the first and only impression a prospect sees. With years of experience managing communications programs for pet product businesses and veterinary services, we will help structure your messages so that you can stand out from the crowd. It’s a cliche saying, but nevertheless, a true requirement for success. You must differentiate your “widget” from everyone else’s. The differentiators must be crystal clear to anyone looking at your website, brochure, booth, or social media content. Our strategic direction will remove any fog around your messaging.

Know Your Audience: We want to know everything about your target market. It can’t really be “the world of pet owners” can it? You can lean on us to help identify who you are talking to, and what they want to hear. Further, our experience with all of today’s publicity tools opens up a number of ways for you to communicate to your audiences. Think of it – posts, digital marketing, web content, video, media placements, bylined articles, and on it goes. Not to mention the technologies that are easy to use to support email outreach, or graphic design needs.

Results, results, results: Why go to a trade show, why bother to exhibit, if you can’t specify your goals? Our work with pet and veterinary businesses around the globe is unique in that, as an agency, we are always asked for metrics and results. Let us help you define those outcomes and then determine how to successfully achieve them.

FWV Fetching works with pet and veterinary businesses as they prepare for trade show exhibits. If you would like a free consultation about your trade show publicity, social media, digital, design and/or marketing needs, or if you just need a press kit written for the trade show’s press room, contact Liz Lindley at Or, complete our brief Marketing Needs Analysis and Liz will contact you right away.