This week in digital brings advances in artificial intelligence (AI), Facebook Watch for reality television, and, among other excellent updates.

According to a recent study by Dana Rebecca Designs, which included surveying 2,000 Instagram users to understand how Instagram influences style and fashion decisions:

*   85% followed accounts that are style, fashion or lifestyle-focused
*   63% consider themselves a fashion-forward person
*   72% have made a beauty or style-related purchases after seeing something on Instagram

Although the study exclusively focused on Instagram, the report undoubtedly shows the potential impact of Instagram has on retail.

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to infiltrate the retail shopping experience, enabling retailers to make shopping across all channels smarter. According to an Apptus study, 52% of fashion retailers will invest in AI within the next 12 months with the aim of leveraging AI for personalization, online merchandising and customer service, creating a faster, more relevant shopping experience for you.

Facebook has officially opened its “Watch” tab, via the TV icon in the mobile navigation bar and desktop site bookmarks, to help users subscribe to their favorite series instead of stumbling upon it in the News Feed. To start, Facebook will focus on highlighting reality shows. continues to focus on user growth with over 200MM global users, with most users at 13-24-year-old girls and women. The platform has just started testing advertising products.

From Slack:
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This week in dogs:
*Office dog isn’t allowed on couch; rebels.
*Cesar Millan and Amazon are making audio books for dogs