Now that you’ve created a Facebook page for your veterinary practice with an eye-catching cover photo and a comprehensive “about” section, as we discussed in “Setting Up a Veterinary Facebook Page That Works: Part 1”, let’s talk about how you can amp up your presence on Facebook.

Unfortunately, just because you build it, doesn’t mean your customers will find it.

Here’s how you can start getting your veterinary practice noticed on Facebook, along with some tips to help you draw pet owners into conversations about pet health and the services you provide:

Create a community
Build a place for pet owners to come and connect with other like-minded people by posting relevant content and engaging with your fans. Not only will you be building loyalty with your past and current clients, but when Facebook fans share your content on their own pages, you’ll also reach thousands of potential new clients (and get a strong endorsement from one of their friends!).

Post fresh content on your page at least three times a week. Including a picture or video in your post heightens the interest level for fans. Also, consider releasing your posts at the time you receive the most engagement (you can determine this time through your Facebook Insights).


Make sure you’ve enabled your Facebook page’s email notifications (it’s in the settings). That way you’ll receive alerts when people post comments to your updates or if they send direct/private messages via your Facebook page. You need to respond, and fast! The online community moves at the speed of light and if you let a comment sit for too long, fans will think there’s no one manning the page. Why would they want to visit a ghost town of a page?

Also, a negative comment left to sit on a page unanswered might gather steam and you could get slammed with a slew of others chiming in to support the person or sharing their own negative comments about your business. Try to respond the same day the comment is posted, even if it’s just to take the conversation offline or say you’re following up on it and will respond within 24 hours.

Engaging with your clients/fan base is the heart of social media marketing. Don’t skip it!

Expand your reach
Once your page is created and you’ve published some content, it’s time to build awareness. Pet owners need to know your veterinary practice is on Facebook so they’ll follow you there. The way they find your page is through promotional efforts like these:

  • Add the custom Facebook URL and the Facebook icon to marketing materials such as business cards, brochures, magnets, newsletters, etc.
  • Place the Facebook icon/social button on your website and link it to your Facebook page.
  • Write a blurb or article about your new Facebook page for your pet owner newsletter and ask them to connect with you there.
  • Run a Facebook advertising campaign to get in front of local pet owners. These days, it’s a critical component to building momentum for your page. When Facebook introduced advertising, it changed its algorithm so that businesses lost most of their organic reach.
  • Plan and launch a Facebook contest using an app like Fans love taking part and sharing contests with their online circle.
  • Review your analytics via Facebook’s Page Insights. Here you can find out when your fan base is most active on the platform and what content is performing best. By regularly checking these stats, you can determine what is working best (i.e. receiving the most shares, likes, comments) and do more of it.

Relax and let us do it
If starting and managing a Facebook page sounds overwhelming or you just can’t imagine who on your staff would have the time, or the expertise, we can

Fetching Communications specializes in managing social media accounts for veterinary and pet businesses and offers packages personalized to your practice’s needs. We set up pages, write posts, review your analytics, monitor comments, and develop and oversee Facebook advertising campaigns. Interested to see how your veterinary practice is performing on Facebook? Click here for a free Facebook page analysis.

Let’s discuss what would work best for your business. Contact Liz Lindley at 877.703.3824 x105 or