Has this been a successful year for your pet or veterinary business? Did you achieve all of your objectives? Or are you like most businesses – finding that where you are and where you want to be are two different places.

Fall is the time for assessing how your business is doing.  Not only in terms of revenue or profit, but also in terms of positioning and messaging.  This time of year is when articles about strategic planning start to show in most business publications.  And the timing is right.  Every business should have a strategic plan.  The word “plan” does not mean you are setting up a rigid set of rules to follow, but rather refining your road map.  And the word “strategic” – most companies and veterinary practices are focusing on so much that the broader strategy for success can often be forgotten.

Strategic planning is a process, and most companies start by doing a SWOT analysis. At Fetching, we’ve found that businesses that use a SWOT analysis are best positioned for success.   Liz Lindley, CEO of Fetching Communications, has facilitated numerous SWOT discussions.  Contact Liz to find out if your business would benefit from a SWOT analysis, and what the process entails.  (liz.lindley@fetchingcommunications.com or 877-703-3824 x 105)

Here are 5 reasons to do a SWOT for your business:

  1. It’s faster than you might think. The SWOT process is not a slow-moving, agonizing process. It begins with a group meeting led by an objective facilitator, and results in a strategic plan with objectives, tactics and metrics for success.  The timeframe is a matter of weeks.
  2. You’ll learn things you may not have known. The group setting brings about a focused, comfortable and enjoyable environment for full engagement, and participants typically share insights and observations that lead to new ideas and actions.
  3. Your company’s mission gets a new energy. The SWOT effectively returns you to your mission, vision and purpose, giving those important concepts a renewed passion.
  4. You’ll face up to the challenges. The group’s discussion of weaknesses and threats brings challenges front and center, and sets the pace for finding solutions.
  5. You’ll have a road map for the new year. The outcome of the SWOT analysis is a workable and quantifiable action plan to move your company forward.

To schedule a SWOT analysis with Fetching, please begin here.


The Strengths and Weaknesses of the SWOT are an internal look at your past performance, present situation and strategy, current capabilities and resources. These are the areas of business generally within your control.

The Opportunities and Threats of the SWOT are an external look at your environmental factors. Generally not within your control, these factors can be economic, political, social, technological, legal, competitive forces, etc.

Planning for next year is critical to your business’s success.  To identify time slots for your SWOT analysis, please contact liz.lindley@fetchingcommunications.com.