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When Rami, a stray dog at the Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society (MCCHS),  became a bit of a local celebrity due to his peculiar Pit Bull-Dacschund look, he earned a lot of social media attention. MCCHS decided to train Rami to be an Ambassador for Shelter Dogs everywhere, and called in local Bark Busters’ Trainer Leigh Ann Falconer to help Rami obtain his Certified Therapy Dog certification.  Fetching promoted this unique training situation, sharing the news about Rami’s training and Bark Busters’ trainer, and earned placements with almost 650,000 impressions over a period of just under two weeks.



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Fetching Communications Featured Campaign bar

In honor of National Pet ID Week (April 19-25, 2015), Emergency Animal Clinic (EAC) – which has five veterinary hospitals located throughout the Phoenix metro area – wanted to remind pet owners of the importance of microchipping their pets. EAC shared anecdotes of two dogs who were brought in for treatment after car accidents, and thankfully were reunited with their families because of their updated microchips. The media outreach campaign resulted in on-air coverage, which was then picked up by 35 additional TV station websites throughout the country, reaching a total audience of nearly 10 million.

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